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Jake & Arrianne


Saturday, The 9th Of September, 2023

and request the honor of your presence

Jake was born and raised in New York, growing up with his loving family and loyal friends. After graduating college, Jake started a new chapter in his life by moving to Las Vegas. He began his exciting, new career at a five-star luxury casino. All the while, he always knew that New York was his home and would some day return...

Arrianne was born in the Philippines and moved to Las Vegas with her family at a young age. When she was 21, Arrianne pursued a career in cosmetology. At that time, a dear friend inspired her to seek a career at a five-star luxury casino. Once she did, little did she know that her life would change forever...

Jake and Arrianne's paths crossed at the perfect time in their lives. And together, they have built a foundation of  love, happiness, family, and, a home.


In 2021, Jake and Arrianne welcomed

baby Cameron.


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